Tax Returns for Calendar Year 2012

Author: Eric J. Wexler

It is that time of year when individuals and businesses start thinking about preparing their tax return.  For calendar year 2012, individual tax returns are due April 15th, 2013, and corporate returns are due March 15th, 2013.  The tax planning professionals at McChesney & Dale, P.C., can assist you in developing an overall tax strategy to minimize your total tax obligation.  In order to allow adequate time to prepare your tax return, we need to receive your tax return information in our office before April 2nd (in the case of corporations, March 1st).  These deadlines are intended to ensure that your return is not hurried or rushed leading up to the filing deadline.  If you are unable to have your tax documents together and to our office before April 2nd, we are happy to file an extension to file your tax return.

For your convenience, please download and print the 2012 Tax Organizer we have provided, which will help you gather the necessary documents for your tax return.  Please fill out the organizer (as much or as little as you are comfortable with) and bring it to us with your tax documents.

Note that McChesney & Dale, P.C., offers the convenience of e-filing.  When your return is filed electronically, you have the option of having your refund mailed to you or deposited directly into your bank account.  It is faster and safer to have your refund deposited directly to your bank account.


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